The best Mac & Cheese ever

I love Mac and Cheese. Like seriously love it. Growing up I ate an insane amount of Kraft Mac & Cheese. It was pretty much the only thing I knew how to make. I loved that orange goodness. Since then, I’ve learned to make my own mac & cheese. I still have the Kraft once every year or two, but making my own has become my preferred method. It’s so easy, and can be ready in just a few minutes. Perfect for post work dinner.

What set this recipe apart from the others I’ve used is the addition of an alpine style cheese. The nuttiness of the cheese was the perfect compliment to the cheddar I always use. It really  brought the whole dish together, and elevated it from “this mac and cheese is pretty great” to “holy hell that is amazing”.

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Zucchini Fettuccine Alfredo

Summer = zucchini. There’s nothing better than fresh zucchini. Every year I buy a few plants from a local farm and grow as much zucchini as I can. This year has been my highest yield ever – something like 6 zucchini to date, which is actually rather pitiful. The bee population has dropped off dramatically in recent years, and it’s seriously affecting my zucchini plants. I end up self pollinating them (yup, it’s a thing), and if I forget to do it I end up with a ton of dead zucchini on the vine.

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But the zucchini that I do get is incredibly tasty, and well worth the effort. Since I had a few on hand, I decided to make a pasta dish. Some quick googling lead me to the Creamy Zucchini Fettuccine post on The Kitchn.

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