Don’t worry, I’m still alive!

Well, it certainly has been quite a while. I started a new job, and that is where most of my time and energy have gone. That, and I realized I need to focus more on taking better photos, and planning this here blog out.

I wanted to take a moment on International Women’s Day to recognize women in cooking whom I greatly respect, and whose recipes I use quite often. In no particular order, these women are aces:

  1. Deb Perleman of Smitten Kitchen. She’s one of the more popular food bloggers out there. Anytime I mention one of her recipes to a friend, I can barely get “Smitten Kitchen” out of my mouth before someone finishes the word for me. She’s the go to for easy, good food that looks amazing. I aspire to her photography ability.
  2. Elise of Simply Recipes. She was one of the first food bloggers I started following. Her recipes are easy, and amazing. Check out her banana bread; you won’t be sorry.
  3. Marisa from Food in Jars. I learned all I know about canning from following her website. Her instructions are easy to follow, and I love, love, love her flavor combinations.

Visit their blogs and check out some of their recipes. And I promise I’ll be back soon with more postings!


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