Life has changed over the last few months. I left my job at the brewery and am now at a nonprofit, working in the field of disability rights. I’m finding more and more time to cook, and now that spring is (somewhat) underway, am getting excited about all the cooking projects with fresh produce. Winter in Boston can be a drag sometimes.

birthday cake

I’ve found it difficult to get the motivation to write a blog post, and I believe it stems from the fact that I dove in too quickly. I was all like “oh man I’m gonna create the best blog ever and it will be perfect and amazing and and and” without really thinking it through and taking it slow. Kinda like my life, not gonna lie. A rewind seems to be in order. Not start over, but take it back a few steps. Start with the basics and then expand.┬áIt’s how you should approach learning how to cook, though truth be told, I learned a lot by jumping feet first in to a project, completely messing it up, and then figuring out what I should have done in the first place. There is a lot to learn by doing that, by making those mistakes.

So, what to expect? You can’t cook if you don’t have the right tools, so I’ll do a post on cooking implements that it would be good to have. Friends that are learning to cook will text me and ask what they need to get started. How many and what kinds of pots and pans? Do you need a whisk? Bowls? Measuring cups? Things that seem obvious, but can seem daunting or confusing if you are just learning. Or things that you don’t think of, and then realize your life would have been easier if you had that one thing.

Then I’ll go from there. I find posts on tips & tricks to be so important in learning how to do something. It takes some of the guess work out. Of course, I can’t do every tips post now, but will post a few important ones that come up again and again. And again and again and again.


My photography is slowly improving, so of course expect to see recipes per usual. (Saying this for the zero people that read my blog, haha). If there is anything you want to see, do let me know.

The cake in the top photo is from my birthday, which was last Sunday. It was my first layer cake, and it was damn good if I do say so myself. The buttermilk biscuits were a last minute decision for a potluck at a friend’s house. Pretty tasty.