About Me

I live outside of Boston, MA. By day, I work at a local brewery. By night, I’m either cooking, rock climbing, yoga-ing (I totally made that word up), hanging out with friends, and the like. I’m a self-taught cook who is still learning something new every day.

Most people don’t know that I can cook, or that I enjoy it so much. I like to use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Sometimes I’ll cook the same thing multiple days in a row (laziness) and sometimes I’ll make something new for every meal. I’m happiest when I can make pretty much everything from scratch. Bread, ice cream, cheese, pasta….

I started this blog to demonstrate that cooking doesn’t have to be hard or daunting. Awesome tasting food can be had in a short amount of time with (sometimes) minimal effort. If I can do it, so can you.